Foam and tape

In beginning, when I was just making research about SIP houses, I saw that somebody is taping houses and some not – different technologies. When the builders was finishing with panels, I received comment from Ernests ( Latvian guy with really nice blog for building his house, where I have taken a lot of advises), :”why the house is not taped ?!”. So I did ask my builders, and the answer was – the tape is not needed. Then I asked my Architect and he told also that for this technology you do not need this.

In a couple of days after completing panels, start heavy ( really heavy ) rain almost in horizontal direction. In that moment I discovered some places where water is coming in house, so if water is coming then wind also, in that moment I was sure that I will foam gaps between OSB joins and tape my house, and I let know my architect about that also.

Finding a tape also was not easy, in Belgium are not many this types of houses, but after intensive work with google I found some dealer in neighborhood, with the best tape on the market –

Tape is expensive, but I did not need to wait for order and I could start work immediately and I hope the tape will do the job good.

Here is some preview for next articles:

If you build house for yourself, make sure that you do even more than it is necessary, even when professional is saying no, you must believe yourself in first place.

Thanks to Ernests for giving me advise, I appreciate that man.

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