Agepan THD

In my project I need to use Agepan THD, by several reasons. First and most important is that this material will guard the main structure of house  in case of fire, like I understood, this need to be 15 minutes, but in tests it keeps a lot more.

Other important reasons:

  •  improved mechanical strength
  • minimized thermal bridge
  • good summer heat insulation
  • ecological product
  • wind prove

Agepan works as a natural regulating element for the room climate. If the air inside the room contains too much moisture, Agepan absorbs it . If the air in the room is too dry, the Agepan releases moisture again through its wood fibers. In this way, Agepan ensures that you can always feel comfortable in a healthy environment with an excellent room climate.

Also I will use Agepan for placing wires in the wall. Agepan is 40 mm thick.

Only worry for my builder is that he still do not have seen screws with which we will attach gyps-board on Agepan, but my architect promised to me to deliver them, I am wondering now what will be the difference from regular wooden screw, if someone can find the screw in internet please let me know.

8 thoughts on “Agepan THD

  1. Thanks, already see where I could use that material! Regarding gyps-board, why You can not use longer screws, glue boards to Apegan or You expect some special screws to use Apegan construction?


    1. To glue is one option, I will use special screws, what I am waiting. To screw through is not good, because Agipan can walk a little bit and if so then in place of gyps board screws you will see micro cracks. You can check also Gutex, it is the same material, just different producer.

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  2. just call Harijs Tučs from
    He propones building without films, but with natural materials like cellulose and fiber-cement boards etc.
    In fact Apegan ir only trademark – it is the same material as Steico Universal or in latvian “kokšķiedru plātne”. There are solutions how to fix on it gypsum boards and other solutions.

    btw why dont you think about plastering walls not puting on gypsum boards? it would be more “ecological” and maybe even cost effective.

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    1. Thanks for advise I will check that site.
      To plaster walls I think it will take more time, and again maybe not correct but my feeling is that I want gypsum boards, then I can hang some staff after without doubts.


      1. No problem, Belgians are proud not only with chocolate, but also with Beer, waffles and French fries. You are welcome to visit starting from next summer if you have some travel plans near by.


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