All what is outside from house and it is related with water are now under the ground.

Rainwater from of roof.

In Belgium the regulation is that you are obligated to collect rainwater from your roof. In my case I have drainpipe in the middle of the house. It is special system how water is getting off the roof. It is like vacuum effect.

System is calling – Geberit pluvia:

Rainwater tank.

Tank can collect 10000 l of water and I can reuse this water, here is just water from roof, water from drainage is not going in, this water is going straight out to city canalization system.

I will use water from this tank for toilet, garden and washing my cars, I am not sure for to use for washing machine or not, some says no problem, some do not agree. Some people even use for shower.

Also I have water in the house now, and I have been even using a tub already.

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