Heating + Ventilation


It was a several choices for heating – gas, ground heat-pump, air-water heat-pump.

I chose the cheapest one for the moment, because of my budged, and I did not think about future. To be honest, when I will build other house I will place air-water heat-pump. Why ? Because I did not plan in the beginning that I will place solar panels, so gas was also cheaper than electricity, but in the end I was obligated to place panels (miscommunication with my Architect), and in this case air-water heat-pump would be perfect for my situation.

Now I have placed JUNKERS ZWB24-1DE – wall-mounted gas boiler, for my hot water and underfloor heating.

I have just and only underfloor heating, all around on ground floor and first floor is without any heat sours for bedrooms, only recuperated air ventilation. Idea was that on first floor we have three bedrooms + bathroom (here is also underfloor heating). I do not like to sleep in warm room, so this was perfect solution, and we did have this winter temperature around 17°. We were not sure how it will work, and like backup we were thinking to place some portable electric heat source, but it was not necessary on first spend winter in house.

To keep house warm and cozy (+24°) and not spend match money, we need a good isolation, and for floor we have used:

  • Boen – parkett 13mm
  • Provent –  Foam film 3mm
  • ISOLA – estrich floor (Chape) 84mm (build in underfloor heating)
  • PUR Polyurethaan floor 110 mm


For ventilation we choose D-ventilation, in another words – Heat recovery ventilation. We placed Brink Renovent Excellent 300 4/0 L. Why – I am fallowing Ernests and I took this one because of him, explanation you can read in his blog. It is nice to have constantly fresh air, what I can really feel and enjoy, because before l did live in several places, and if ventilation was not ok (that I understood after living in good ventilated rooms) my nose get blocked, kind of allergic.  Also plus that you do not need to keep your windows open (summer time), and dust, insects and noise cannot come in.

4 thoughts on “Heating + Ventilation

  1. Hi,
    question regarding PUR insulation – am I right that it was sprayed on and not placed as PUR boards? What was texture for surface after such insulation approach? wasn’t it too uneven to lay tubes directly over?

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    1. I am not so passionate to go in deep with numbers and analytics like you (I am too lazy ), I wish I could, but I do more trust professionals, but also double check them, and my architect suggest me to choose spray, because of the value what it gives: (R= 4.4 m2 K/W) Price per m² EUR 24.38 this is all inclusive, work too. If you can give your comment on this ? 🙂


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